6 Steps to Becoming a Super Positive Winner

thanks to Jason Csizmadi. On CC BY 2.0.

Do you see yourself as a negative person or a positive one? A glass half full or a glass half empty. I find it’s not so black and White. I have been trying to run the rule over myself a bit lately and think that I am somewhere in between. Positive on some areas but certainly not about everything. I am critical of others from time to time as well as with myself especially when I see mistakes that could have been avoided. Continue reading “6 Steps to Becoming a Super Positive Winner”

8 Hints To Increase Client Rapport Immediately

Rick&Branda Beerhorst

Why do some designers get all the best work while others are only thrown the scraps from the client’s plate? Here are 8 tips to help improve your client relationships over the long term. Continue reading “8 Hints To Increase Client Rapport Immediately”

6 Ideas To Save On Start-up Costs

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thanks to Nicki Mannix. On CC BY 2.0.

So you have decided to finally go-out alone. Scared? You should be! This is where it gets tough. Much tougher than when you could hide behind your computer all week. This is where you need to go into offices packed with successful business people, sell yourself and win. Good luck you’re gonna need it! Only kidding… Continue reading “6 Ideas To Save On Start-up Costs”

4 Secrets To Keep Clients

trustDid you know that it costs you more money to find new clients than it does to keep them? The clients you have now could be the future of your business for years to come. They can come back for repeat sales. They can refer their friends and family. Continue reading “4 Secrets To Keep Clients”

5 must dos before starting your design company

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Before I ventured into the world of business, I realize that I was a bit of a novice. Despite my years of design experience, I didn’t know where to begin with all of the tasks which go hand-in-hand with starting a business, I had previously taken for granted. Continue reading “5 must dos before starting your design company”