How to Change Your Life – a Users Guide

shoes A little over 4 years ago I changed my life completely. Along with my wife, we abandoned the life we had in Australia, along with its security and stability to go to live in France. We sold almost everything we owned. What was left fitted into a couple of packing crates. Continue reading “How to Change Your Life – a Users Guide”

6 Steps to Becoming a Super Positive Winner

thanks to Jason Csizmadi. On CC BY 2.0.

Do you see yourself as a negative person or a positive one? A glass half full or a glass half empty. I find it’s not so black and White. I have been trying to run the rule over myself a bit lately and think that I am somewhere in between. Positive on some areas but certainly not about everything. I am critical of others from time to time as well as with myself especially when I see mistakes that could have been avoided. Continue reading “6 Steps to Becoming a Super Positive Winner”